Food in Bible times.

 After conquering and settling the land of Canaan , the Israelites became formers. This was different from the nomadic life of their forefathers. Their diet reflected the change, because tillers of the soil eat differently than shepherds and herdsmen. The land they worked produced foodstuffs in a variety pleasing to the palate and satisfying to the stomach. Among these were cereal grains, animal protein, vegetables, fruits, and nuts, plus savory spices and herbs to make food tasty.

 The cereal grains often called corn in the KJV, are not be confused with the maize, a product of the western hemisphere, unknown in bible times. The word corn in the KJV should be translated as “wheat” “barley” and “millet” it also included spelt, a species of the grain related to wheat but called Fitch in the KJV.

 In God’s command to the prophet Ezekiel 4:9 to make bread. All these grains are mentioned, plus beans and lentils. This mixture sounds like the ingredients in a modern loaf of bread. After the grain was harvested, it was grounded into flour, mixed and kneaded into dough and then baked into bread. In Isaiah 3:1 bread is called the “stock” and the “store” meaning that bread was the principal food. of the people the stock and store of life.

 But grains could be prepared and eaten other forms than bread. It could be parched or roasted, or it could be cracked and made into gruel. (2 Sam. 17:28). If you read (Ruth 2:14) it explained how Naomi’s husband told the reapers to leave grains for her to gather and later at noon invited Ruth to share his parched grain.

  Protein is essential to life; it was readily available to everyone in the land of Palestine . A noon day meat was part of every person daily fare.  Animal product such as milk, butter, and cheese were readily available. A noon meal for a workman consists of two loaves of barley bread- one filled with cheese, the other with olives. Animals were divided into distinct classes among the people – ceremonially clean and unclean. (Lev. 11-1-47; Acts 10:9-15). The law governing this distinction dealt with four footed animals as well as fish, birds, and insects. Only unclean animals could be used for food...

 The other day I went to a farm in Virginia and brought back some potato and other foods, pesticide free (organic) You would be amazed how different the food tasted, the richness of the food  is unexplainable.  I do not have to spill it out for you to understand that we are living in a society that is polluted. We are what we eat. Be concerned about what you’re putting into your body, God’s Holy Temple .

 The food we eat is full of  pesticide – If something grow from chemical, then chemical is what you are putting into your body. Sooner or later you are going to be sick, your system will break down.


Search for the answers in the Bible, you will find everything you need in the Bible.
 My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)

 Join me later for some of those meats that are clean vs. unclean.

 Until next time

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